Micco Transport provide consulting services for chilled dispatching services to help out various companies in the transportation and logistics industry through the planning and management of their chilled goods. Consulting includes the development of efficient routing and scheduling strategies, implementing temperature monitoring and control systems, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and also provides training and support for employees to handle chilled cargo.

Our main goal in providing that consulting services is to help companies to optimize the transport and storage of their chilled products and ensure that all the chilled and frozen products are delivered in timely manner and safely.

Moreover, our Hiace 1-ton vans have an extensive cargo space that makes them ideal for transporting large items of goods. These features make our Toyota Hiace 1-ton van the most ideal choice for dispatching companies to transport chilled items as well as beverages from one place to other.

We have developed a wide range of temperature-controlled solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. These solutions are backed by reliable and extensive express distribution, and the supply of dry ice includes free top-up replenishment, regulatory clearance, validation services, real-time shipment status information, and project management. The packaging is made from environmentally friendly, recyclable, and cost-effective material.

Our refrigerated trailers 40 feet also come with a rugged T-rail aluminum floor, which is capable of handling the heaviest forklift and pallet jack usage. Our 40 Feet trailers are also equipped with double doors at the rear of the trailer which is the end opposite the refrigeration machine.

We have years of expertise in this field and our track record and customer satisfaction speak for themselves. Whether you are a new or existing client, you can expect reliable, safety-conscious practices, and the next level of customer satisfaction from our company.


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Our Consultation Benefits

• Delivery of goods in a timely manner
• Efficient routing and scheduling strategies
• Identifying cost-saving opportunities
• Implementing temperature monitoring and control systems
• Training the employees to handle goods


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We have experience in home maintenance any surface from new cabinets.


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Security of packages transported by air and sea we guarantee total security.


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