Toyota Hiace 1 Ton

Toyota Hiace 1 Ton

Toyota Hiace 1 Ton

Micco Transport company offers Toyota Hiace 1-ton vans are commonly used for transporting chilled food items and beverages. Our vehicles are well-equipped with refrigeration units that maintain the cargo at specific ranges of temperature and make sure that all the chilled items and beverages are transported fresh and safe for consumption. Our vans are also equipped with cameras and GPS tracking systems to monitor the movement of vehicles and ensure the safe delivery of the goods.

Moreover, our Hiace 1-ton vans have an extensive cargo space that makes them ideal for transporting large items of goods. These features make our Toyota Hiace 1-ton van the most ideal choice for dispatching companies to transport chilled items as well as beverages from one place to other.


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Chiller Van Services

Our Toyota Hiace 1ton vans are available anytime to transport your frozen food or temperature-sensitive item. Sometimes your goods just need a moderate temperature to maintain the items fresh. So, your items just need a temperature between 5 to 0°c. These items can be medicines or any liquid that require a moderate temperature. We strictly monitor these things and the temperature in the chilled dispatching van is controlled by a refrigeration unit, which can be set to a specific temperature to ensure that the cargo is kept at the desired temperature.


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